Fuse boards + Rewires

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Consumer units also commonly referred to as fuse boxes can potentially save your life. However, a faulty consumer unit can also be responsible for loosing your life too. It definitely will pay you to be aware of the 'current health' of your consumer unit, and how capable it may be of saving your life should a problem develop.

A new consumer unit will bring your home up to current electrical safety standards. they are also easy to use, if a fuse blows you've got to change the fuse wire, if the MCB blows on the new board, you just switch it back on.

We specialise in Fuse Board replacements and our clients have been more than satisfied with the end results, just take a look at what they have said about us, please see our testimonials.

Only use a fully qualified electrician when replacing a consumer unit, please don't try to swap your fuse board yourself or have someone who can't provide any paper work and not got much experience do it for you, you don't want to risk it when it comes to electrical safety, trust us!

Emergency Electrician Harrow, PAT Testing Farrow, Legionnaires Risk Assessment Harrow

Full Rewires

A full rewire will cost around £2-2,500 for a small property and considerably more for a larger property, not including the cost of making good the decoration. Very often, a full rewire can be avoided, however; providing the existing cabling is sound and able to carry any additional loads, it also may be possible to upgrade it by adding a modern consumer unit, proper earthing arrangements and cross bonding.

Types of rewire -
There are generally two types of rewire, and these are either occupied or unoccupied. If you are going to rewire an unoccupied property, it makes like a lot easier for the electrician as everything old can be cut off and removed, all walls prepared and selection of floor boards up, and can just get on with it. If you have just purchased a house, its worth looking at the electrics before you move it, as it would be better to rewire if need be, than do it 6 months later when you are settled.
To rewire an occupied house is a totally different ball game and can at times be very difficult. Rewiring a house is messy (We do try to keep mess to a minimum but it is still very messy). I would personally try and encourage any home owner wanting a rewire to vacate the property for a week or however long is required so that all the work can be done, and you can return to a clean property, that will be ready for you to decorate. A lived in rewire can be very tricky and time consuming, not only that, the property has to be left in a safe mannor whilst work is being carried out.

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